The Difference Between Lust And Long-Time Love, As Told In Comics

If your partner thinks you’re sexy while you eat a burrito in your pajamas, you know it’s true love.🌯💕
09/08/2016 03:45pm ET | Updated January 17, 2017

At the beginning of a romantic relationship, both parties want to impress each other, only showing off what they perceive to be their most desirable traits.

But after you’ve fallen in love, there’s a certain comfort and deep understanding that allows you to just be you. In a new series of illustrations for College Humor called “Lust vs. Love,” artist Karina Farek and writer Shea Strauss capture the key differences between the two stages.

"I’m single and I’ve been dating in New York for a bit, so it was inspired by nostalgia for long-term relationships," said Strauss, who co-created the illustrations.

“Lust is more about going through the motions of what you think romance and passion should be, and love is more about knowing and accepting your partner and yourself,” Strauss told The Huffington Post.

Check out some of the spot-on illustrations below. Then head over to College Humor to see the rest of the series.

"Love Is..." Illustrations
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