3 Random Luxury Home Features You Need In Your Imaginary Dream House (PHOTOS)

An indoor/outdoor bubble tent? Why not.

When it comes to how a high-end house should look, everybody's got an opinion. But in case you're lacking in inspiration, we decided to help you piece your own vision together by sharing three luxury home features that we think every imaginary dream house needs. Just because.

A secret room, because you'll obviously need to get away from your luxurious life once in a while.

Second, you'll need a balcony pool, because what screams opulence more than that?
luxury home

Finally, a transparent cocoon-like bubble, because, well, why not?
luxury home features

For a master list of many more extravagant things, from an outdoor swimming pool theater to a fully equipped basement game room, head on over to Anrora's roundup on Imgur.

Stone Harbor House

Beautiful Luxury Homes

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