Luxury Playhouses Featuring Air Conditioning And Electricity Are Practically Tiny Homes (PHOTOS)

Really, these are much better than our first apartments.

When we think of kids' playhouses, a vision of a chunky primary color-hued plastic structure comes to mind. But Reddit user Only_Speak_Murican's dad takes the idea of a backyard hideout to a whole new level. Only_Speak_Murican shared some photos of his father's work, a designer who makes, sells and installs seriously luxurious childrens' playhouses.

We were amazed at how life-like they seem, and the Reddit user added that some of the small dwellings even have working "air conditioning and electricity installed." This brought us back to a story about Suri Cruise's $24,000 playhouse that she received for the holidays. These pint-sized homeowners are definitely lucky kids! Take a look at photos of Suri's home below and let us know your thoughts.


Victorian Playhouse

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