12 Luxury Showers That Will Never Make You Want To Leave The Bathroom (PHOTOS)

You'll never want to leave your bathroom. In a good way.

There's nothing like take a long, hot shower after a rough day at work. Even if it's under the sad showerhead with the weird rogue nozzle. Other people however, really want to make their showering experience is a transcendent one. So, the everyday tub just won't do. They prefer high designs, multiple settings and, at times, exposure to the outdoor elements. Scroll through our list of luxurious showers to see what we mean.

A mermaid theme is definitely appropriate.
Forget a showerhead, you need a waterfall.
I bet the owner feels like he/she is in a tidal wave every time.
It looks like aliens could beam you up at any moment.
How many jets does one shower need?
The water is coming out of ceiling!
You can sit, stand or lay down in this one.
Is this a shower or a sauna?
Shower getting too hot? Just open the doors to the outside.
You can choose to bath in an indoor garden or not.
If you're looking to get in touch with your exotic side.
There are two heads, depending on which side of the shower you prefer.

De-stress your bathroom.

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De-Stress Your Bathroom

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