Luxury Train Travel: 5 Trips For Locomotive Lovers

Train travel is not as glamorous as it used to be. In the States, riding the rails means crowded coach cars, cramped sleepers and quick-serve food. But, look beyond our shores and there are still some lines that evoke the glory days of traveling by train.

Nowadays, the purpose of most trains is to ferry people from point A to point B quickly. There was a time, though, when the train was as much an experience as a mode of transportation. With accommodations, meals and some excursions included, all that's left is to enjoy the simpler things in life. So, instead of rushing through Europe on crowded planes and commuter trains, enjoy leisurely meals with real silverware, sunset cocktails in a piano bar and plush beds and linens on a luxury train.

Photo: Danube Express

The Danube Express: Travel Through Transylvania

Luxury Train Trips

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