Luzinterruptus Visualizes The Heartbeat Of A City In Stunning New Installation

Have you ever explored a city so viscerally alive you felt you could almost feel its heartbeat? If so, you'll find a warm, fuzzy place in your heart for art collective Luzinterruptus' newest installation.


The Madrid-based artists journeyed to Tartu, Estonia to contribute to Urbanfestival UIT. Luzinterruptus resolved to mix their signature eco-friendly immersive artworks with a dash of mad science and physically visualize the city's heartbeat. To do so, they created 100 handmade hearts made from bags, water, eatable dyes and adhesive tape, placing a small portrait of the city's locals in each.

Dyeing each receptacle's inner juices red, Luzinterruptus yielded DIY organs with a remarkable resemblance to liquid jewels. They then strung the individual hearts on an elastic band and installed the work in a park adjacent to the city center. The locals could journey through the candy-colored trees and search for photos of their family and friends. At the very least, they'd wander through a glowing anthropomorphic forest and view the beautiful faces of their fellow city dwellers.

After two weeks, in typical Luzinterruptus fashion, the artists disassembled the piece and recycled the materials, leaving the park as if nothing had ever happened. See a glimpse of the magic below.



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