Texas Constable L.W. DeSpain Storms High School Football Game To Argue With Refs

They take high school football very seriously in Liberty County, Texas.

So seriously that one law enforcement official recently stormed the field during a game in order to protest a call.

During Friday's game between the Tarkington Longhorns and the Splendora Wildcats, two opposing players got into a tussle with each other, reports.

Eyewitnesses said it looked as if a Splendora player was strangling an opponent on Tarlington.

The referees penalized Splendora 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. Just before a kickoff, a local constable, L.W. DeSpain, walked up to the refs on the field to protest the call, KHOU TV reports.

DeSpain, who was in uniform and wearing a holstered gun, wanted the Splendora player ejected. After the game, the referees filed a formal complaint with the Texas University Interscholastic League against DeSpain, accusing him of abusing his authority. One ref said he felt threatened by the constable's display of force.

However, DeSpain is sticking to his guns and said, if given the chance, he'd do it all over again.



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