The Greatest Life Lesson Lynda Resnick Hopes To Impart On Others

In a candid chat with her granddaughter, the entrepreneur reflected on the wisdom she's gained over the years.

Lynda Resnick has learned some valuable life lessons in all her years as a businesswoman. She and her husband Stewart own The Wonderful Company, whose products include POM Wonderful juice, Wonderful Pistachios, and the mandarin oranges Wonderful Halos.

In a new episode for HuffPost's parent-child interview series Talk To Me, Resnick sat down for a wide-ranging chat with her granddaughter, writer Danielle Sinay, to share the wisdom she's learned over the years. Resnick looked back on her missteps and admitted she "wouldn't have had that fourth gin at the ZBT fraternity house," but also revealed the greatest lesson she'd like to impart.

"Future generations are going to have to try and fix the damage that was done by my generation. And I think that they will find, and you already have discovered, because of your work giving back and teaching young children in the Bronx and Brooklyn to write, that that's the greatest joy. And it also makes the world better," she said.

Nowadays, Resnick said she is truly living in the moment and taking the time to appreciate the little things.

"The thing that I really search for now is mindfulness, to be in the moment, not to think about the next moment so much and not to think about the past moment. But to really be in the beauty of the moment," she said.

Check out more from the interview above.

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