Lyndon Larouche for President

It's presidential candidate announcement season (or intention to explore the possibility announcement season). And for some reason, that reminds me of Lyndon LaRouche. Remember him?

Growing up I remember this guy always ran for president. On the Sunday night before the election he would buy airtime on the major networks (for what had to be a hefty sum) and pitch his case for fifteen minutes. He was usually on at 10:45. At the time he got a laughably low 19 share. If he got a 19 share in that time slot today the networks would be fighting to sign him for five years. ABC would let him host the Oscars. But at the time it was a joke. Unlike Ralph Nader (who I still haven't forgiven), he made no impact at the polls. It was just a costly joke. Millions of wasted dollars for literally fifteen minutes of fame.

LaRouche's political career suffered a minor setback in 1988 when he was sentenced to fifteen years of imprisonment for mail fraud and tax code violations. But I digress.

The Democrats have to nominate a Presidential candidate that can win. We can't let this one get away. The stakes are just too high.

I admire Hilary Clinton. I think she's smart, compassionate, and we'd get Bill back as bench coach. I would certainly vote for her. But I know a lot of people who wouldn't, voters in her own party who personally dislike her.

I don't think she can win. And, I seriously worry, if that's the case why aren't we backing Lyndon LaRouche? And again, I say that truly believing in my heart that Hilary Clinton would make a fine president.

Hell, Lyndon LaRouche would be better than what we have now.

But we have to win. We HAVE TO win.

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