Lynn Vincent, Palin Co-Author, Has Anti-Gay History

Lynn Vincent, Palin Co-Author, Has Anti-Gay History

Media Matters has highlighted some incendiary statements from Sarah Palin's co-author. Lynn Vincent, a features editor at World magazine, turns out to be an outspoken anti-gay crusader and conspiracy theorist.

The homosexual ethos depends on an abandonment of truth ... [T]he gay quest for "civil rights" bears little resemblance to the struggles of blacks and suffragists, whose eventual liberation benefited society at large. Instead, it calls up the American communists of the '50s and '60s who, in order to advance the radical interests of a narrow group, created a spurious "victim class," then convinced America that theirs was the side of justice.

In her book "Donkey Cons: Sex, Crime, and Corruption in the Democratic Party," Vincent suggested President Clinton intentionally started the Monica Lewinsky scandal to distract from a campaign finance investigation.

In an interview with former Miss California Carrie Prejean published Friday, Vincent defended her stance against gay marriage by saying she has many gay friends:

See, the irony is that people like Carrie and I can be confidantes and even best friends with the gays and lesbians in our lives. ... We can collaborate on ideas, as I did with "Anlir," a gay commenter whose ideas I often adopted when I managed World Magazine's evangelical-focused blog. We can even be accepting of our family members' sexuality.

But if we dare to differ on the issue of gay marriage, then the truth about our actual relationships with gays and lesbians is ignored, liberals' clairvoyant "insight" into our hearts and minds is substituted as fact, and our protestations are filed mockingly under the "some of my best friends" defense.

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