Suspected Package Blast In France Injures 7

The French anti-terrorism office is investigating the explosion on Friday in Lyon.

Seven people are injured after an explosion on Friday in the southeastern French city of Lyon, The Associated Press reported.

The nation’s anti-terrorism office has now launched an investigation of the incident, sending anti-terrorism prosecutor Rémy Heitz to the area.

According to French media, authorities suspect that a package bomb detonated on a pedestrian street.

Multiple reports have pointed out that French President Emmanuel Macron referred to the incident as “an attack” during a live interview. 

Shortly after the chaos unfolded, Macron tweeted a message of support to everyone affected.

“Tonight I think of those injured in the Lyon explosion, of their families touched by the violence that befell their loved ones in the street, and of all Lyonnais,” he wrote. “We are at your sides.”

The blast falls just one day after France began its European Parliament elections, which will continue through Sunday.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

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