Rat-Infested Ghost Ship Reportedly Heading For Britain

Look out, Britain. There may be a ghost ship full of cannibalistic rats drifting toward the coast.

After The Sun reported the Lyubov Orlova may be heading for the United Kingdom following a bout of winter storms, many wondered what has become of the abandoned Russian cruise ship.

The vessel was set adrift in January 2013 after its line broke while it was being towed from Canada to the Dominican Republic. The abandoned ship was last spotted near Ireland in February, and the Canadian Coast Guard registered a signal from the Lyubov Orlova about 800 miles off the coast of Newfoundland in March.

However, the ghost ship seemed to mysteriously disappear shortly after that. Some assume the Lyubov Orlova has sunk, while others believe it's still floating aimlessly in the North Atlantic.

The truth is no one really knows the exact location of the Lyubov Orlova -- not even the blog that's dedicated to mapping its position. Since the ship's global positioning system is offline, there's no way to track its location. Canada's transport authority, which towed the ship into international waters after it was impounded in Newfoundland, has said the Lyubov Orlova is no longer its concern.

While the ghost ship could very well hit the coast of England or Scotland, it's unlikely that the crew of rats will reach land anytime soon. According to BBC News, U.K. coastguards have yet to spot the floating vessel.

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