My Life as a Landscape

My Life as a Landscape
My Life as a Landscape

My life as a landscape has been etched over time.

Obstacles have been strategically placed; my journey often altered. A lesson taught; a lesson learned. I have not always had a panoramic view, often only catching glimpses of moments in the here and now.

I have climbed to the highest peaks, arms outstretched, only to free fall into the abyss of the unknown.

The road of life is not always well paved. There have been landslides and broken bridges—alternate routes around boulders and barricades of trees.

But, none of that matters; I have overcome.

There have been beautiful moments of poetry, and a Japanese haiku. Da Vinci moments of creation—grand statues chiseled from clay. There have been rolling hills and valleys of lush green.

I have seen cathedrals made of stained glass and watched a Phoenix rise as it escaped the catacombs of ash.

I have seen the Grand Canyon, full of depth. I have been consumed by darkness shrouded by ghost towns of desert and tumble weeds. I have climbed the pyramids of Giza—Cleopatra in bronze.

I have stood in the eye of the hurricane and manifested calm in the midst of chaos.

I have surfed ocean waves—orchestrated vibratos conducted by the sea. I have danced through fields of gold—halos of wild flowers. I have had fluid moments of clarity: mysticism revealed in the dance of the oracle; clairvoyance transcended through chariots of fire.

“I never said it would be easy. I only said it would be worth it.” ~ Mae West

It’s not what you go through in this life that defines you. It’s how you choose to handle the situation: what you think, how you feel, how you react.

Diamonds are made from coal; pearls made from sand; butterflies transformed from caterpillars. Even the lotus flower grows in the mud. Transformation and metamorphosis can be painful.

It is raw. It is honest. It is beautiful.

Life will change you. Let it.

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