How To Hack A Box Of Mac And Cheese Into 7 Gourmet Meals

These are game changing.

There are some days when the chore of cooking a meal feels too great to tackle. Those days are when we need boxed mac and cheese. But just because we're eating something from a box doesn't mean it can't be a complete, satisfying, sometimes even gourmet meal.

That's right folks, you can turn boxed mac and cheese into a classy(ish) dinner. We're going to show you how. We've come up with six dinners and one breakfast -- because mornings are rough too -- that will fancy up your store-bought meal with nothing more than a few extra ingredients and a couple extra easy steps. You're welcome.

Pizza Mac & Cheese
Julie R. Thomson
One serving of mac and cheese, a couple spoonfuls of marina sauce mixed in, baked with a lovely layer of cheese on top. Life doesn't get better than this.
Fancified Mac & Cheese
Julie R. Thomson
A sprig of parsley (cause you fancy) and just a few drops of truffle oil mixed into mac and cheese. Easy and YUM.
Nachos Mac & Cheese
Julie R. Thomson
Mac and cheese > nacho cheese sauce any day. Plate tortilla chips, load up with hot mac and cheese, top with diced tomatoes, black beans, avocados, sour cream and hot sauce. Enjoy the best nachos of your life.
Pot Pie Mac & Cheese
Julie R. Thomson
So easy and yet so decadent. Top an oven-safe bowl of mac and cheese with a puff pastry sheet. Cut down to size and bake at 400 degrees until delightfully golden brown in color.
Healthy(ish) Mac And Cheese
Julie R. Thomson
With a half a cup of butternut squash puree mixed into a bowl of mac and cheese, you've just turned your guilty pleasure into a meal you can kind of feel good about. Add thyme and roasted garlic for something truly special.
Tuna Casserole Mac & Cheese
Julie R. Thomson
Mix one can of tuna with warm mac and cheese. Serve in a bowl and top with crumbled Ritz crackers. Bonus if you saute those cracker crumbs with butter first.
Breakfast Mac & Cheese
Julie R. Thomson
Two strips of bacon, one fried egg and mac and cheese all loaded into one single breakfast bowl of heaven.