Mac McClung Says It's 'Over' Following Massive Windmill In Slam Dunk Contest Win

McClung, who has played in a total of two NBA games, signed a two-way contract with the Philadelphia 76ers earlier this week.

Philadelphia 76ers point guard Mac McClung declared the NBA Slam Dunk Contest “over” following a wicked windmill in a winning effort on Saturday.

McClung, who received 19 perfect scores out of 20 from the contest’s judges, left fellow players on the sidelines in awe as he made each dunk on the first try during the NBA All-Star Weekend event in Salt Lake City.

McClung got an invitation to the contest while in the NBA’s G League before he signed a two-way contract with the 76ers earlier this week. He played in a total of two NBA games before Saturday’s electric performance.

His first dunk of the night featured a hop over two willing participants as he grabbed the ball on his way up to the basket and dunked the ball with two hands behind his head. The effort earned perfect scores of 50 from all the judges.

McClung later did a 360-degree, two-handed windmill dunk in his second attempt in the contest, the only dunk that didn’t receive all perfect scores from the judges.

The impressive dunk caused “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” star Jonathan Majors to crack a smile.

McClung’s other two dunks in the contest’s final round wowed the judges, including one where he leaped over a pal, pumped the ball and dunked it into the hoop.

McClung later nailed a 540-degree windmill before he declared the contest “over” as commentator Kenny “The Jet” Smith called him a “star.”

“An NBA star has been born tonight,” Smith said.

Several current and former players praised McClung, who said he’d return to the contest if he receives an invitation next year, for saving the contest following last year’s event.

McClung told reporters he didn’t know if the take was true. However, a friend appeared to have a different opinion on his performance.

“It’s true,” they said at a press conference.

You can check out more clips from Saturday’s NBA Slam Dunk Contest below.

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