Mac Users Are More Fashionable Than PC Users, Study Finds (INFOGRAPHIC, PHOTOS)

Mac Users Really ARE More Stylish Than PC Users

Attention Apple users: if you've long suspected that you are, in fact, actually cooler than your PC-adoring counterparts, new data suggests you're right.

A study conducted by the data-driven review site Bundle analyzed data from over 700,000 PC and Mac buyers on how and where they spend their money.

Their conclusion: Mac users really are more fashion-forward and style-conscious than PC users.

Shots fired?

Bundle's research examined which stores computer users tend to favor. They found that while Mac users are more likely to drop tons of cash at luxury stores like Jimmy Choo, PC users lean towards more modest price points, like Old Navy. Even while outlet shopping, Mac users seek to score bargains at stores like Coach and Last Call by Neiman Marcus; PC users tended to be fans of the Van Heusen outlet and Columbia Sportswear.

So, maybe Apple fans are more likely to shell out for a pair of Tory Burch flats than their PC counterparts. But can you boil this argument down to the fact that Macs are simply more expensive than PCs, and thus its users tend to be more affluent? Perhaps: Bundle found that 40 percent of the anonymous Mac users they examined earned more than $100,000, compared with 29 percent of PC users.

In addition, demographic data has long shown that Mac users skew younger, which could account for Apple fans' proclivity for hipper, trendier stores while their parents scour the racks at stodgier mainstream retailers.

Click over to Bundle to read even more interesting findings from the study, and check out their fascinating infographic below to see precisely which stores Mac users favor over PC fans.


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