Mac vs. PC; Safari vs. Chrome: Which Users Donate Most Online?

We've all been asked to help fund a cancer walk on Facebook or pass around a worthy cause on Twitter. But who's actually clicking the Donate button?

Razoo, an online fundraising and research site, conducted a study to determine which users gave the most on average in one online visit, accounting for device, operating system and online browser.

Razoo looked at more than 2 million visits and more than 130,000 individual donations, totaling almost $16 million.

One of the site's key findings was the fact that email donations exceeded those of Facebook and other forms of social media. The study also found that iPad users give 40 percent more per donation than any other mobile device user and that Safari users were more generous by a huge margin.

Which other users give the most online? Click the slideshow below to find out. The results might surprise you!


Photos: AP


Infographic from Razoo:

Source: Razoo

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