Americanized Macaron Recipes: French Cookies With American Flavors (PHOTOS)

Peanut butter and jelly, mint chocolate and more.

When the French almond cookie, the macaron, made its way to the pastry scene in the U.S. we were thrilled. These light and airy cookies come in exquisite flavors -- like pistachio and salted caramel -- that one can easily throw down two or three (dozen) macarons at a time.

But the French macaron recipe is changing; it's getting reinvented in American flavors like mint chocolate chip and peanut butter and jelly. And even though the great French chef Escoffier might be rolling over in his grave at the sight of peanut butter on a tiny macaron, we can't wait to dig in. Check out the recipes in the slideshow below.

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Hamburger Macaron

American-Flavored Macarons

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