Machete-Wielding Suspect Shot As He Breaks Through Door In GRAPHIC VIDEO

Machete-Wielding Suspect Shot As He Breaks Through Door In GRAPHIC VIDEO

When James Cvengros heard screaming down the hall from his apartment, he got his video camera rolling and pointed it at the door.

Little did he know, he would capture all of the horrifying drama that was about to unfold. In the following minutes, Twain Thomas would chop through the door using a machete, sustain three gunshots to the chest from Cvengros' pistol, and lie moaning on the floor while Cvengros pleaded for an explanation.

That scene unfolded on Feb. 22 last year in Pocatello, Idaho, according to the Idaho State Journal. The footage, which can be viewed below, was released in court during Thomas' sentencing hearing on Thursday. He pleaded guilty to attempted murder and aggravated assault as part of a plea agreement, and was sentenced to at least 10 years in prison.


Prosecutors say Thomas began a two-apartment rampage when he broke into a unit upstairs and threatened two people with a machete, the New York Daily News reports. He left without hurting anyone, making his way to Cvengros' door.

Video shows the 54-year-old Thomas chop through the entrance and move toward Cvengros, who fires three shots. The video goes black, but Thomas can be heard moaning in pain while Cvengros yells at him.

"I didn't want to do that!" Cvengros says. "You were gonna kill me!"

Thomas response with, "You're right, I was."

"Well then I did the right thing," Cvengros says.

Cvengros was cleared of any wrongdoing and his actions were ruled as self-defense, ABC News reports.

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