Machine Gun Kelly Covers 'Lose Yourself,' Says Acoustic Version Is A Tribute To Eminem

WATCH: Acoustic Version Of Rap Song Goes Viral

Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly gave a powerful tribute to Detroit's most famous rapper before his show on Tuesday night.

Kelly, who is signed to Bad Boy Records and Interscope Records, appeared on the front steps of St. Andrews Hall in downtown Detroit, along with two guitarists, to deliver a powerful acoustic rendition of Eminem's "Lose Yourself" (see above).

That single, released along with the Eminem biopic "8 Mile," has become a Motor City anthem.

St. Andrews, which also hosts the underground venue called The Shelter, is one of the venues where Eminem first made his name as a rapper.

The two hip-hop artists share a few similarities. Like Em, Machine Gun Kelly is a white rapper from a Midwest city going through some hard times. His rapid-fire delivery is similar to that of Marshall Mathers. In 2011, MTV named Kelly their breakthrough MC of the year.

And the tribute kept comin'. When Kelly took the stage for his own show on Tuesday night, he also interrupted his own song to break into the final rap battle lyrics from "8 Mile," when Eminem's character, B-Rabbit, defeats Papa Doc.

The crowd went wild.

Diddy, who signed Machine Gun Kelly back in 2011, retweeted the video from his official account.

This isn't Machine Gun Kelly's first publicity stunt, but it's by far the most tame. He did a show at a Microsoft store at an Atlanta mall that turned into a pretty expensive debacle -- Kelly stomped on at least five laptops before being removed from the store. In 2011, police arrested Kelly after he organized a flash mob at a mall in suburban Cleveland.

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