'Machinegun' Johnny Eng Was The John Gotti Of Chinatown On 'Gangsters: America's Most Evil' (VIDEO)

The life of "Machinegun" Johnny Eng unfolded on "Gangsters: America's Most Evil." Eng became known as the John Gotti of Chinatown during the 1980s. The New York Times reported in 1989 that Eng was trying to pass himself off as a legitimate businessman, but authorities seemed to know what he was really up to.

Nevertheless, Eng proved elusive. Even an undercover raid that scored $60 million worth of heroin didn't bring him in. But Eng couldn't hide forever, and he was eventually caught in Hong Kong and brought back to the United States to face charges.

He went away on 14 different drug charges, sentenced in 1993 to 24 years in prison and a $3.5 million fine. Eng was released in 2010, and promptly disappeared. Authorities now suspect he's hiding out in China.

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