Machu Picchu Llama Photobomb Is An Instant Classic (PHOTO)

llama machu picchu

Oh, Machu Picchu, ancient city of the Incas, pride of Peru, must-see travel destination: You've never been so appropriately photobombed by a llama.

Llamas roam free at Machu Picchu, which creates a bevy of great photo opportunities. As evidenced by her Flickr gallery, photographer Erica Kuschel made ample use of the high-altitude fauna during an excursion last year.

This instant classic is one of many shots in Kuschel's photo stream. A version of the Machu Picchu llama photobomb was posted to Reddit by user "legalnomads" on Jan. 30, where it received more than 1,200 "upvotes" by time of writing.

While it's tough to say for sure, this particular llama might be the party animal behind the so-called "bossy the llama" meme, which hasn't yet taken the web by storm. (Perhaps that will change now.)

Update -- 4 p.m.: The Huffington Post reached out to Kuschel for some backstory on her amazing shot. It turns out that she and her husband traveled in Latin America for more than a year. This was her favorite shot from Macchu Picchu.

Kuschel described the lead-up to the photograph in an e-mail to HuffPost:

I was trying to find a better view of Machu Picchu without the crowds and found this nice spot. This llama was following my husband around, constantly trying to "neck" with him. As I set up the shot he/she kinda wandered in and modeled for us so I just went with it.

(via Reddit)

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