Mack Reed, Los Angeles Blogger, Finds $175,000 Pot Stash In His Backyard While On Lunch Break

A former Los Angeles Times reporter was shocked to return home during his lunch break, only to discover a duffel bag full of Ziplock baggies and mason jars stuffed with marijuana.

Mack Reed, a Silver Lake game developer who has also blogged for LA Voice discovered the pot trove -- 61 items in total -- after taking a solar technician to his backyard as part of an accounting of his property's electricity use, reports LA Weekly. The duffel bag was hidden in an unused, in-ground hot tub.

Reed called the cops on the lucrative duffel bag, but also blogged about the incident in detail on the Factoid Labs Tumblr. Reed's post, titled "What to do with $175,000 in weed found in your back yard" is both informative and hilarious. Here, he recalls the moment he realized what he had stumbled upon:

Thousands of dense little marijuana buds stare back at me, through industrial vacuum-sealed plastic, through thick Ziploc bags, through the crystal-argyle pattern of glass jelly-jars - all labeled in looping Sharpie letters with names like “Lemon Haze” and “Bubble Mix.”

Mostly, the find was a headache for Reed, who was on deadline when he discovered the "shitty army-green duffel bag."

And some evil bastard has stuffed a bag of dope into a hole behind my house and turned my life into the backdrop of a James Ellroy noir. Any minute now, some neckless mook with steroidal shoulders and a bullet-shattered voicebox will stalk up behind and beat me bloody with his pearl-handled Desert Eagle .45.

“I do NOT have TIME FOR THIS!” I groan.

After more than an hour and a half, an LAPD supervisor showed up, according to LA Weekly.

Sgt. Adrienne Legaspi put the pot in her squad car and drove away, reports the Los Angeles Times. Ever courteous, Reed left the hapless, now weedless dealer with a polite FYI note, crafted on Photoshop: “We found it and called LAPD. They confiscated it and now are watching the place. Sorry.”



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