Mackenzie Foy, Renesmee In 'Breaking Dawn,' On 'Twilight' Fans And Her Swear Jar

At the Comic-Con press conference for "Breaking Dawn Part 2," author Stephenie Meyer admitted that the character of Renesmee Cullen -- daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen (Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart) -- just might have a future beyond the "Twilight" stories that have already been written. As she said this, Meyer embraced the young girl playing Renesmee in "Breaking Dawn." Her name is Mackenzie Foy and she's about to become very famous.

Following the "Twilight" hysteria at Comic-Con, I spoke with 11-year-old Mackenzie about her audition process, what "Breaking Dawn Part 2" has in common with "The Social Network" and what she plans to do with the legions of fans who are on "Team Renesmee."

Are you having fun at Comic-Con?
I am! It's cool; I like the costumes.

What else do you like?
About Comic-Con? I like that everybody is having fun. I like that.

Have you seen anyone dressed like your character yet?
No [laughs].

People are going to start doing that.
It will be a little weird. I'd be like, "Hi, Mackenzie." "Well, hello." "Nice costume." "Sure."

What was your audition like? I'm assuming a lot of people wanted this role.
Actually, it was just a regular audition. You say your lines, you do your audition, you go home. And then you get a callback and you wait and see if you got it.

Did you feel confident?
I did. I kind of felt like, "I think I might have a good chance of getting this."

Were you a fan of "Twilight"? Were you more excited about this audition than others that you have done?
I was a fan of the movies: I thought the movies were terrific. But I wasn't really like, "I have to get this, I have to get this." If I don't get it, I don't get it.

So, for you, there was no difference between "Twilight" and any other audition?
I was excited because "Twilight" is a very good movie.

Did you read the books? They are pretty intense.
No. I haven't read the books. I'm too little -- too young.

You see how famous everyone else in these movies have become. Like we were talking about earlier, will it be weird when you're waling down the street and people recognize you?
It's happened to me a little bit ...

But I feel it's going to increase.
It might. I don't know.

Everyone else is finishing up, but you're just starting. Was it difficult to start on a series where the actors have so much camaraderie?
No. Everyone was really nice and they were really sweet about welcoming me to the cast. They were like, "Hi, welcome to 'Twilight.'" And I'm like, "Thank you."

That sounds nice.
They were really sweet.

At the press conference, Stephenie Meyer teased you about a "swear jar."
Oh, the swear jar [laughs]. On set, there are bad words going on. And one of my co-actors was like, "You should start a swear jar -- there are some bad words going on here." I was like, "All right." So, I started a swear jar and we decorated the whole thing. It was two dollars for a minor bad word and it was three dollars for the really bad words.

Who was fined the most?
Well ... I don't want to get anybody in trouble.

That's fair. So there's a "Team Renesmee." Is that exciting?
It is kind of exciting. Because I have a team and I think that's fun.

What are you going to do with your team?
[Whispers] I don't know.

You haven't thought about it?
I haven't.

Renesmee ages rapidly. Do you appear older at different points in the film?
I had body doubles. They would do the movements and stuff because I have a little body. Then, I would go back later and sit in this chair with lights and cameras. And I would not move my head, but I would do all of the facial routines.

Was that difficult?
It was challenging. But it was fun.

What was fun about that?
Have you seen "Benjamin Button"?

OK, me either [laughs]. Have you seen "The Social Network"?

Yes. Oh, like Armie Hammer playing the Winklevoss twins?
And like Benjamin Button.

Oh! I misheard you. Yes, I've seen "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."
It's like that and "The Social Network" combined. That technology combined into this technology.

So, your character will look different than you look now.

I do wish you knew what you're gong to do with your team.
I'll just say "hi" [laughs].

Well, it was a pleasure to meet you.
[Stands up and extends her hand] It was very nice to meet you. I like your t-shirt! The Millennium Falcon.

OK, that's going in the piece, and you, for sure, just won me over.

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