Mackenzie Phillips: Incestuous Relationship With My Father NOT Consensual (VIDEO)

Mackenzie Phillips now says that the incestuous relationship she had with her father, The Mamas & The Papas singer John Phillips, was not consensual.

In an appearance set to air on HLN's "Joy Behar Show" Tuesday night, Phillips rescinds her previous claims that her sexual relationship with her father was consensual.

"I'd like to reframe my word consensual," Phillips said. "As I was writing the book, I thought, this word, it kept sitting wrong with me. But I used it for lack of a better word. Since then, I've been schooled by thousands of incest survivors all across the world that there really is no such thing as consensual incest due to the inherent power a parent has over a child. So, I wouldn't necessarily call it a consensual relationship at this time."

Phillips appeared with Dr. Drew, her doctor from the VH1 show, "Celebrity Rehab," who agreed that incest cannot be consensual.

"The child is trying to make sense of this situation she feels as though the only she can survive it is by saying, 'I'm creating it, I have some power in this, I'm consenting to it,'" Dr. Drew said. "When the fact is, the kind of relationship a parent has with a child makes consent actually impossible."

The interview airs on HLN at 9PM.