Macklemore Dresses Up As Grandmother For Halloween, Creeps Out Seattle's Children

This Halloween, Macklemore dressed up as a grandmother and went trick or treating on the streets of Seattle.

In a new video uploaded to Ryan Lewis' Youtube Channel, the rapper puts on a dress, red lipstick and white wig, and gets ready to celebrate the holiday.

"Today's Halloween. Tricia," he says, pointing to his fiancee, Tricia Davis, who shakes her head at the camera, "because I'm in the doghouse these days, said that if I dressed up as a grandma and went out into the streets of Seattle that I could get out of the doghouse and back on to main land. So here I am, as a grandmother."

Along the trick-or-treating way, Macklemore does some free-styling in the car, poses for pictures with children who may or may not know his true identity and dances in the street. Ah, Halloween.

"That was great. Good practice for what my career is gonna feel like in a couple years," he says at the end of the video. "It was just awkward and creepy."



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