Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Welcome Surprise Lesbian Marriage Proposal At 'Good Morning America' (VIDEO)

"Good Morning America's" Summer Concert Series lands some of the biggest pop stars in the game like Mariah Carey, Carly Rae Jepsen, and the latest addition to the series, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

The beloved rap star and his producing partner performed their hits, including "Thrift Shop" and "Same Love," live on the nation's number one morning news program on August 16. But what made this concert especially memorable wasn't the thousands of fans watching Macklemore in Central Park -- it was the surprise marriage proposal that occurred during one of the commercial breaks.

Val Dallas and Kara Toomey, a lesbian couple, attended the concert with a rainbow sign that read: "Same Love: 1 Year Anniversary." During the show, Dallas, who was standing behind her, changed the sign to read "Can I propose to my girlfriend on stage?" Toomey didn't know Dallas had changed the sign soon the couple was called up onstage.

To see what happened next, watch the video from "Good Morning America" above.

This isn't the first time someone gay has popped the question at a Macklemore show. In June, Danielle Renae proposed to her girlfriend at one of the rapper's shows in Omaha, Nebraska. Unfortunately, Renae claims that when her school, Grace University, learned about the incident, she was expelled from the school.

Let's hope things go more smoothly for Val Dallas and Kara Toomey. Congrats to the happy couple!

(h/t to Towleroad).

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