Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Crank Call Scalper Selling Tickets To Their Show

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis may be one of music's hottest acts right now, amassing six nominations at the upcoming American Music Awards (live Nov. 24), but they're apparently not too busy to crank call a random young woman scalping tickets to their show.

The duo is set to tour the country from Oct. 22 to Dec. 12 and it seems that the four tickets looking for a home at $65 a pop are for one of their Seattle shows.

Macklemore, in a bad fake British accent that comes and goes as he talks for seven minutes to the scalper, ends up revealing himself. Watch the clip above to see her reaction.

And for all hardcore Macklemore & Ryan Lewis fans out there overjoyed by this video, the former uploaded a 3,200-word open letter to their website thanking the fans and describing the journey he and Ryan underwent this past year, since their album "The Heist" dropped. Consider it your weekend read.



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