We See Every Hair, Wrinkle And Pore On The Faces In These Absurdly High-Def Photos

We hope you're ready for your closeup, because this camera is going to get really, really close up.

Swiss photographer Daniel Boschung uses an industrial robot with a mounted camera to take hundreds of macro photos of subjects for his series "Face Cartography." He then combines them to form a single-shot composite containing 900 million pixels. The resulting images are beautifully detailed, often emotionless and fascinating to behold, mostly because viewers can zoom in to see every pore or wrinkle in excruciating detail.

"The result is hyper realistic," Boschung writes in a statement on his website. "A stubble turns into a trunk, a wrinkle into a canyon, the nostril into a cavern."

How detailed are we talking? Well, meet Andre.

andre 1

On Boschung's website, you can zoom in on Andre's face.

andre 2


andre 3


andre 4


You can view more of the photographer's subjects for the project at his website. Then check out the video to see how his process works. Head over to his website to see his complete collection and process.

All images courtesy Daniel Bochsung /