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Macy's Violates Privacy With Peek-A-Boo Dressing Rooms (VIDEO)

While most dressing rooms seem to be going in a high-tech direction (digital Ass Cams, kinetic motion sensors), Macy's is apparently going low-tech with simple prying eyes.

News stations in both Orlando and Tampa Bay are reporting that local Macy's stores have been installing dressing room doors upside down so that horizontal slat openings allow outsiders to get a full view inside.

The "dirty little secret of Macy's fitting rooms," as Orlando's Local 6 News called it, was revealed by a former employee who specializes in "loss prevention," meaning customer theft. He told reporters that he has never seen this kind of invasion of privacy before.

While there are signs that read "Fitting Rooms are monitored by Loss Prevention Personnel to prevent shortage" hung around the dressing room, there is no explicit warning to customers that anyone outside their dressing room door can completely see them changing.

In case we didn't believe them, Local 6 News sent its employees into the dressing rooms, filmed them from the outside while they undressed then repeatedly showed the pictures on loop with racy music in the background. Way to prove a point, guys.

Below is WTSP 10's video reel, which includes a more serious examination into whether this level of peeping in the name of "loss prevention" is legal.

Hint: it is.


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