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Macy's Markets Marriage

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Not everyone celebrating California's marriage equality ruling are gay lovers dying to tie the knot. Even Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says that the ruling will help to boost the state's economy as gays and lesbians flock to California to get hitched.

First in line to ring up sales is Macy's department store. The gay friendly company ran a full page ad on the back of this morning's front section of the LA Times encouraging couples to register with the store. The ad reads:

First comes love.
Then comes marriage.

And now it's a milestone every couple in California can celebrate. Let Macy's Wedding Gift and Registry help you start your new life together. With hundreds of great brands to register for, we'll make sure you're happy with your choices every step of the way.

While my friend, Evan Wolfson, writes me over e-mail, "That Macy's feels comfortable doing this on such a big scale says a lot," I'm sure Mattilda Bernstein-Sycamore is pulling her hair out. See the complete ad below.

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