Mad About 'Mad Men'

"There's no better story than a story you don't know the ending of, about a man changing his life, and you identify with it immediately."

-- Matthew Weiner, discussing Mad Men on Between the Lines

To see the complete episode of my conversation with Matthew Weiner, click here.

The final episode of Mad Men, what many consider to be one of the great television series of our time, airs its final episode in a few weeks.

I was blessed with the privilege of having its creator, show runner, executive producer and head writer, Matthew Weiner, as a guest on my show just before its fourth season.

Mad Men is personally one of my favorite shows and Matthew one of my most profound and enjoyable guests.

Our conversation explores the philosophical and sociological underpinnings of the series, its creator and of the era it so faithfully recreates.

As we bid a sad but fond farewell to this transformative and ground-breaking television series, I want to share with all my viewers and readers this classic Between the Lines episode. Click here or watch below:

Plus, this week's episode on most of our PBS stations features my conversation with the philosopher and renowned atheist Sam Harris, about his very spiritual book about consciousness, Waking Up.

Enjoy them both and thank you Matthew for bringing such a fine show for all to experience.