These Guys Will Help You Woo Your Crush With A Custom Song For Valentine's Day

Try to imagine the most thoughtful Valentine's Day gift you could present to your crush. If chocolate or flowers came to mind, then you need to seriously step up your V-Day game. How about a custom-written song for your boo? For just $1 and a penchant for word play, your honey can be grooving to their very own tune.

The co-founders of Deep V Music, a New York-based comedy music production company for brands and agencies, created Mad Loves -- a spin on the make-your-own story game Mad Libs. Those wanting to send a custom song to their significant other, or themselves or dog or neighbor or whatever, use a template with prompts on the Mad Love site and come Valentine's Day, a custom song will be in their inbox. Deep V are collaborating with musical group The Gregory Brothers to create the songs.

In addition to hopefully wooing the panties off of your love, you can get a little boost of karma because all proceeds from Mad Loves are donated to Music & Memory, an organization dedicated to helping the elderly with cognitive and physical challenges to reconnect with their memories and the world around them, and the focus of the documentary "Alive Inside."

The guys from Deep V, executive producer Garrett Philbin, chief creative director Doug Larsen and CEO/director of marketing Ben Lindell, spoke with The Huffington Post about the inspiration behind the project, their quirky sense of humor, and their Valentine's Day plans (spoiler alert: they all shamelessly plugged Mad Loves).

Where did the idea for Mad Loves come from?
Doug: A long time ago there was a popular children's game that I’m sure everyone remembers called Mad Libs -- it’s this wacky thing where you fill out words, nouns, adjectives, and it makes up a fine story. Don’t know if you’ve heard about it.

Ben: So we stole that idea but we’ve actually been doing similar things like this for clients as a way to approach them. Instead of just approaching them by email, we’ve been approaching them with Mad Lib style songs telling them how awesome they were. We figured, hey why not translate this amazingly special skill that we’ve devised to lure people into our craft and into a product we can share with the world and at the same time, why not work with a charity?

The motto on your website is “stupid music for smart brands” -- in particular, how is comedy music smart? How does it help you reach such a wide audience?
Garrett: What we say is that comedy and music individually are both great devices for communicating and both are mnemonic in their own way. So when you put funny lyrics to music, it makes it that much more memorable and also makes it that much more fun. You enjoy hearing it so that helps with the recall -- if you’re smiling then you remember something better. So if we can make people laugh while delivering information on something, they’re much more inclined to remember it and have a positive reaction.

Ben: We operate under our parent company East Midwest and found ourselves working with these great YouTube comedy groups like Key of Awesome! We felt like the universe was kind of giving us a hint that being funny is the stuff that works best for us -- which is pretty reflective of our personalities which are just goofy and irreverent as often as possible.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?
Ben: Sending custom Mad Loves to all of my closest friends.

Garrett: I’m sending a lot to my harem.

Doug: I’m sending 50 or 60 Mad Loves to my girlfriend hoping that makes up for lack of a present or dinner.



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