'Mad Max' Fans Hijacked The Reviews On This Silver Cake Spray, And Now It's A Lovely Day

"What a spray! What a lovely spray!" says one war boy commenter on a silver cake spray that has "Mad Max" fans going nuts.

In the movie, the war boys spray a silver substance on their faces before doing something crazy, and now fans have found their own version of this substance in Wilton Silver Color Mist on Amazon. According to Nerdist, "Mad Max"-themed reviews started coming in for the cake mist in late May, and they definitely belong in Internet Valhalla.

Fans were quick to, uh, sing the praises of the spray in reviews:


In addition to the reviews, "Max"-centric questions have also started popping up. Customers apparently want to confirm that the spray will, in fact, get them to Valhalla and ensure it will allow them to be "witnessed" by their brothers. All valid concerns.

Then, every once in a while, a legitimate question will come up asking if the spray will show up if you put it over brown frosting or something. What? Immortan Joe would think that's so mediocre. We can only hope he doesn't see that and carries us all to the gates of Valhalla to ride eternal, shiny and chrome!

See the rest of the reviews on Amazon.



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