'Mad Men' Barbie Doll Photo Series Showcases Characters' Darker Sides (PHOTOS)

'Mad Men' Barbie Dolls Portray Characters' Dark Sides

With the latest season of "Mad Men" coming to an end, what better way for fans to honor the show than with "Mad Men" inspired Barbie dolls?

But unlike Mattel's version of the characters, these dolls depict the reality of the most recent season, according to Vanity Fair.

Created by New York photographer Michael Williams, the impressive "Mad Men" Barbie Doll photo series is intended to capture the characters' darker sides.

Armed with a microphone and huge diamond ring, Megan Draper sports her irresistible “Zou Bisou Bisou” outfit, while Betty Francis covers her larger frame with an oversized coat. But Betty's can of whipped cream and two scoops of ice cream nevertheless expose the character's ongoing weight loss battle.

No doubt, "Mad Men" lovers with a sense of humor will appreciate the photographer's candor with Joan Harris' "illegitimate b******d carriage". But Williams goes a step further by putting the curvaceous red head in a fur coat given to her by Roger Sterling, along with her "emerald necklace of shame".

If that doesn't raise eyebrows, Roger Sterling's accessories just might. To capture his philandering ways, "a b*****d baby" is placed in the ad exec's arms while a cigarette dangles from his mouth as he stands in his oh-so-trendy Madison Avenue office.

As for Don Draper, Williams told HuffPost the doll won't make his debut until the season comes to an end.

Another sad note for fans of all things "Mad Men": According to the Daily Mail, Williams' dolls aren't for sale.

Check out Michael Williams "Mad Men" Barbie doll photo series:

Mad Men Barbie Dolls Season 5

Mad Men Barbie Dolls

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