Exclusive 'Mad Men' Cast Photo Shows It's About To Get Groovy

Exclusive 'Mad Men' Cast Photo Shows It's About To Get Groovy

Photos of the "Mad Men" cast in Season 7 have taken a turn for the '70s. Cue the mini dresses, paisley ties and daisy pins.

Showrunner Matthew Weiner has kept pretty quiet, even in interviews, about what's in store for the first half of the final season, but the first previews showed the cast in airplanes and at an airport. The 15-second tease followed Don leaving a plane, looking as depressed as ever.

In the full cast photo below, exclusively on HuffPost TV, we can further scrutinize decisions made in the "Mad Men" camp in hopes of figuring out what's to come when the show returns in April.

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Don and Megan stand together, prominently facing the audience, as if to suggest they mended their relationship. Could that even be possible? At the end of last season, Pete and Ted were going to open another section of the agency in Los Angeles, but in the photo they're far apart. Guess their LA-based comedy spin-off is a no-go. We know Peggy's story will get even bigger this season, and based on her damn good outfit and arm-crossing, it's going to be a lot more fun.

What do you think this photo says about Season 7? Sound off in the comments.

Season 7A of "Mad Men" premieres April 13 on AMC.

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