John Slattery Says 'Mad Men' Viewers May Not Get The Ending They Want

John Slattery knows that viewers want to see "Mad Men" wrap up with his character, Roger, finally with Joan. He claims that "Mad Men" director and writer Matt Weiner knows that viewers want Roger to end up with Joan. And yet, that may be the very reason why the critically-acclaimed series will end on a different note.

"It isn't to say he's not going to give the audience what they want, but it's much more interesting to expect one thing and get the other," he told HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker in an appearance to promote his directorial debut, "God's Pocket."

"That's why Matt's as good as he is," he added. "Because he knows what the audience wants -- you know, Joan and Roger -- that's not what he's necessarily interested in."

Viewers have watched Slattery's Roger Sterling maintain an ongoing flirtation with Sterling Cooper office manager Joan Holloway since the earliest episodes of the series. The two engaged in affairs at times, but primarily flirted from a distance while staying married to their respective spouses.

While the audience might desperately hope the two finally end up together in the series' finale, Slattery and his cast-mates have faith in Weiner's vision regardless of how the show pans out.

"I've stopped second-guessing," he said. "I think most of us on the show have stopped trying to figure out where it's going to go, because it never goes where you think it's going to go."

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