Mad Men GIFs Of Joan Holloway Are Surprisingly Educational (GIFS)

Jon Hamm is God's gift to women, but as far as the "Mad Men" sphere goes, Joan Holloway may be the best character ever. (We are refusing to acknowledge the "Harris" name/marriage.) Joan has the sass of Roger -- without the unglamorous tendency to puke up oysters -- and a singular style that turns everyone's heads. And that red bouffant! You can't not watch her when she saunters into the frame.

Plus, she can teach us a number of valuable style lessons. In honor of Christina Hendricks' birthday today, let's take a few notes, shall we? And please, for the love of all that is holy, watch "Mad Men" on Sundays at 10 EST on AMC.

1. If your nutty husband pisses you off, hit him with a vase. But really, only if he's Greg Harris, the least employable doctor the TV world has ever known.

2. Never underestimate the power of a red dress. And a calculated gesture.

3. This is how you shut. Things. Down.

4. Always make sure "the girls" are in their proper place. No wonky boobs, please.

5. Consider alternative forms of accessories.

6. Make every walk count.

7. Your compact can also be used as a handsome man detection device.

Any more life lessons you learned from Joan? Leave 'em in the comments below.

How Christina clothes those curves:

Christina Hendricks' Style Evolution