'Mad Men' Hair: Ben Feldman Talks Facial Hair, Vincent Kartheiser's Combover And More

Behind This Very Hairy Season Of 'Mad Men'

From Harry Crane's (Rich Sommer) new mutton chops to Roger Sterling's (John Slattery) silver fox-y sideburns to Stan Rizzo's (Jay R. Ferguson) Jim Morrison-inspired beard, it's been a hairy year so far on "Mad Men" Season 6.

According to Ben Feldman, who plays a newly mustachioed Michael Ginsberg on the series, the cast was instructed to let their manes grow between Season 5 and Season 6 of "Mad Men."

"We were told not to cut our hair, and then we had a meeting and they decided what they wanted to do with each person," Feldman told GQ. "But I think the most shocking was easily Jay Ferguson ... Because that's all real. Jay can grow a beard. He's like a grizzly bear. And he walked around for five months with all of that hair on his face. I can't even imagine! Jay is definitely more of a man than I will ever be, as far as facial hair. There were a good couple weeks when I couldn't help but laugh every time I saw Jay."

Ferguson aside, the "Mad Men" cast members had to keep their facial hair under wraps due to spoilers. "I actually grew a goatee; if you go back and look before I shaved it, there are pictures of me growing my hair out as fast as I could, before they shaved it down," Feldman told GQ. "I don't think they wanted too many actors walking around with ridiculous hair. Except for Jay."

The men of "Mad Men" were not alone in the hair spoilerphobia. "We're so whipped," Elisabeth Moss told Arrive magazine about staying mum. "Obviously, I am sitting here with this short hair, and I'm frightened to tell you Peggy cuts hers."

January Jones also unveiled Betty's new brunette 'do in November, five months before "Mad Men" Season 6 premiered.

"Mad Men" airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on AMC.

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