Don Is Back: A Last-minute Mad Men Binge-fest and a List of Chicago's Season 6 Premiere Parties

It's been 10 long months since Mad Men's elegant finale closed out its fifth spectacular season. And while the wait has been excruciating, the Internet kept us hooked with just enough Mad Men tidbits to make it bearable. So just in time for the Season 6 premiere here's a couple of my personal faves to help you get you back in the ol' swing of the '60s along with a list of Chicago spots to watch the premiere in good style and company.

The Fat Betty Song: After four seasons of seeing Betty looking flawlessly beautiful, it seemed only fitting to poke fun at and memorialize Fat Betty. Especially considering she's likely gone for good.

Mash up -- Sally Draper's Sassiest Moments (VIDEO): What more do you need to know?

Buzzfeed's Mad Men Lists:
As usual, Buzzfeed nails it.

Women's Guide to Mad Men (VIDEO): An oldie but a goodie. After all, where would Mad Men be without its fabulous ladies' wit.

Michael K's Dlisted Coverage of the Hammaconda:
If you haven't seen it yet you're missing
Mad Men's
most underrated cast member.

Roger Sterling's Best One-Liners (VIDEO): Oh Silver Fox...

Chicago Mad Men Premiere Parties (Sunday, April 7, 2013):

Public Chicago (7-10pm, 1301 N State Pkwy) is planning a stylish affair featuring '60s-style cocktails, small bites and era tunes starting at 7 p.m. Come dressed in your '60s best and you could win a complimentary overnight stay in one of the hotel's swanky rooms. Tickets are $25 a person. For reservations, email

The Logan Theatre (7-10pm, 2646 N Milwaukee Ave) has a line up featuring '60s gin cocktails by Leatherbee, performances by the Honey Flys and curated music by We Theory. Tickets can be purchased at the door for $15.

The Fat Cat (8-10pm, 4840 N. Broadway) will host a 60's-inspired best dressed contest (prize to be announced). They'll be serving Old Fashioned's, Stolichnaya Martinis, Heineken and will have $2 canapes for sale. For extra kitsch, guests can help themselves to complimentary candy cigarettes.

The Blue Line (8-10pm, 1546 North Damen Avenue) party looks like a laid back affair with no cover and featuring $6 Mad Men cocktails.