'Mad Men' Premiere Is Set: What Can These Season 6 Photos Tell Us? (PHOTOS)

What Can New 'Mad Men' Photos Tell Us About Season 6?

"Man Men" Season 6 has a premiere date, and now we're getting a first look at the visual aesthetic of the new season. AMC released four "Mad Men" Season 6 images Wednesday, and because ravenous "Mad Men" fans are desperate for morsels of information that creator Matt Weiner is notoriously hesitant to reveal, let's analyze the photos for any possible details we can find.

In the first of the black and white images in the slideshow below, Don is surrounded by the three women in his life -- his wife Megan, ex-wife Betty and teenage daughter Sally -- and he seems as disengaged and unfulfilled as ever. His look jives with what Weiner told the Daily Beast about Draper's mindset in last season's final scene, describing him as "a man who had really tried on this coat, and really tried to live the fantasy of that relationship being the right relationship. Megan is filled with joy, she’s future-[facing], and she accepts him as he is. She definitely loves him, but she had her own will and that seemed to be hard on him."

Betty looks to have regained her slender figure, although last season's promo shots never hinted at the "Fat Betty" that surprised viewers in Season 5.

Elisabeth Moss' Peggy Olson, who left the firm for a new opportunity at rival agency Cutler Gleason and Chaough at the end of Season 5, seems to still be in Don's social and professional orbit, but appears physically and emotionally set apart from her former colleagues in one of the photos. As Weiner told The Daily Beast, "I never said to anyone that Elisabeth was leaving the show. I just said that the character was moving on and you’ll have to watch."

The all-smiles group shot of the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce crew certainly hints that business is booming at the agency. It's safe to assume the new office space they acquired last season is treating them well.

And no one seems to be embracing the time-jump to the 1970s more than Pete Campbell, who's sporting some excellent sideburns in a profile shot.

Check out the Season 6 images below and tune in for the two-hour "Mad Men" premiere on Sunday, April 7 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. On April 14, the show moves to its regular 10 p.m. timeslot.

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