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Mad Men Season 4 Costumes: Janie Bryant Shows What To Expect (VIDEO)

07/01/2010 04:48pm ET | Updated December 6, 2017

Here at the Huffington Post, we're counting down the days until the season premier of Mad Men. Last week we showed you the Season 4 poster, and now we've found a behind-the-scenes video with costume designer Janie Bryant to see what's new in terms of the wardrobe.

"Don Draper's palate for Season 4 is getting a little darker, which I think is very important for the storytelling for what's happening to him this year," Bryant says, showing off a rack of mostly gray suits.

We've already gotten a glimpse at Peggy's new hair, but if you thought that was the only thing that changed, you are mistaken. Bryant created several new costumes for Peggy to represent her accomplishments--in terms of emotional growth and occupational achievements. "She has really come into her own, so, yes, I have reflected that in her costume design," shares Bryant. This season, Betty's style will continue to embody the idea of perfection. And lace and jewel tones will still play a key role in Joan Holloway's style, along with her signature sex appeal.