Mad Men Season 5: Predictions For Joan, Megan, Sally, Betty, Peggy Et. Al.

And so the moment AMC has poured untold thousands of advertising dollars into is here: the long-awaited premier of Season 5 of "Mad Men." As you swish by in your Peggy- or Joan-inspired frock at a premier party or hunker down in your circa 1999 Old Navy sweats to watch at home, we invite you to play a little game with us. It's called "What Would Happen During Season 5 If We Were In Charge."

Jezebel's Doug Barry got the ball rolling today with a list of improbable "Mad Men" Season 5 hookups -- "speculat[ing] wildly about liaison scenarios so remote, so outrageous that nobody except a crazed person strung out on instant coffee and gummy worms could think of them." Our list is not so sex-centric -- not that we wouldn't pay money to see Salvatore seduce Pete, Doug. Also Megan + Joan. The following is an array of events we would make happen for the show's female characters if Matthew Weiner unleashed us in his writer's room. (Matt, we are available anytime.) Until that occurs, probably none of these predictions will come to pass, but here's hoping.

SLIDESHOW: 11 Things We Wish Would Happen For The Women Of "Mad Men"

Megan Calvet ...

11 Things We Want To Happen In 'Mad Men' Season 5

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