'Mad Men' Season 6 Finale Drinking Game

"Mad Men" is nothing if not great at making booze, drugs and the occasional shot in the behind look appealing. So in celebration of the show's Season 6 finale (Sun., June 23 at 10 p.m. ET on AMC), we've made it easier to partake with your favorite characters at SC&P.

We're not pushers -- pick your own poison! -- and we don't condone over-indulging, by any means, but if the show fits ... (And you're over 21, of course.)

Keep reading for our suggestions on when to cheers, puff and pour one out, then share your own predictions of what'll happen in the finale in our comments.

Take a swig out of Glen and Rolo's bottle of booze if ...

  • Sally rolls her eyes
  • Betty desperately tries to bond with her daughter
  • Don mentions Sally's name while lying in the fetal position
  • Miss Porter's gets a mention
  • Bobby or Glen make an appearance

Mix a strong drink from Don Draper's bar cart when ...

  • Peggy comes into Don's office (we're all gonna need liquid courage for whatever's next!)
  • Ted touches Peggy
  • Ted and Peggy giggle
  • Ted touches Peggy and then they giggle
  • Joan undermines someone
  • Ted wears a turtleneck

Take a shot (pun intended) when ...

  • Pete gets anywhere near his gun again
  • Ken's eye patch makes another appearance
  • Cutler is seen without his glasses
  • Chevy gets a shout out
  • If Megan asks to talk to Don about their relationship

Pour one out if ...

  • Someone mentions Gleason (RIP, you St. Joseph's ad genius)

Enjoy an herbal treat (if that's your thing) ...

  • Whenever Stan does anything (but especially if he's enjoying an herbal treat too)
  • Whenever Roger Sterling reminisces about tripping

Swig some Manischewitz if ...

  • Ginsberg shoots down someone's idea

Down a coffee chaser to sober up a bit when ...

  • Bob Benson is getting people coffee
  • Bob speaks Spanish
  • Someone wears shorts (please Bob, wear shorts again)

"Mad Men" Season 6 finale airs Sun., June 23 at 10 p.m. ET on AMC.

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