Ratings Shocker As 'Mad Men' Sees Worst Season Premiere Since 2008

Have We Hit Rock Bottom?

On AMC's "Mad Men," we're used to seeing characters struggle, but last night's premiere saw the show itself fighting for ratings.

Don Draper made his highly-anticipated return to TV last night but the show drew in a disappointing 2.3 million viewers, shedding 1.1 million viewers from last season's premiere. The premiere also fell below the June season finale, which averaged 2.69 million viewers.

While it's not all about ratings over at AMC, we can't imagine Draper and the gang are too happy with the current numbers the final season is boosting. "Mad Men" has never been able to attract the amount of viewers fellow AMC shows "The Walking Dead" and "Breaking Bad" commanded, but it normally performs pretty steadily in the ratings department. Last night's dip may be thanks to the strong competition it faced with "Game of Thrones" and The MTV Movie Awards, but if the guys (and girls) at Sterling Cooper & Partners want to go out with a bang, they'll have to do better than last night's premiere.

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