'Mad Men' Stars In Commercials: Actors In Early Product Pitch Roles

They play ad men (and women) on TV, but before "Mad Men" these stars were appearing in commercials.

TV viewers are familiar with Elisabeth Moss thanks to her work on "The West Wing" and "Mad Men," but she may be as equally known for her Excedrin commercial.

"It was a good ad and a good performance, but if the person becomes recognizable, I would think that would work against you, because you want a normal person," Moss said of the Excedrin commercial.

Before she was the frosty Betty Francis, January Jones was appearing in fast food commercials. "It was sort of a spoof on the Oscars, and some other actor played a Jack Nicholson type, and I was kind of spoofing Gwyneth Paltrow winning the Oscar," Jones told The Daily Beast. "I was, like, in a pink dress or something. I don't remember. Silly." Sadly, the video doesn't seem to have made it on the Internet.

Click through the slideshow below to see some "Mad Men" stars in commercials from early in their career. Want more "Mad Men" stars before they were famous? Click over here to see some of their acting credits from before they were famous.

Mad Men Stars in Commercials