'Mad Men': Trudy (Alison Brie) Let's Pete Have It In Awesome Season 6 Moment (VIDEO)

Note: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Season 6, Episode 3 of AMC's "Mad Men," titled "The Collaborators."

All hail Trudy Campbell!

On Sunday night's "Mad Men," Pete's (Vincent Kartheiser) cheating finally caught up with him when his latest mistress Brenda (Collette Wolfe) showed up at his doorstep after her husband beat her upon finding out about their tryst.

Though Trudy (Alison Brie) couldn't have been kinder to Brenda, her attitude towards Pete was understandably a different story. She read him the riot act like a scorned wife on "Mad Men" never has before.

Trudy: "We're done, Peter. This is over."
Pete: "You want a divorce?"
Trudy: "I refuse to be a failure. I don't care what you want any more. This is how it's going to work -- you will be here only when I tell you to be here. I'm drawing a 50 mile radius around this house and if you so much as open your fly to urinate, I will destroy you."

Watch Trudy explain the new rules of the Campbell house to Pete in the video above.

"We find out from Trudy that she had given him this apartment and she knew that the dalliances would be be there, but this woman is in the neighborhood," "Mad Men" creator Matt Weiner said in the behind-the-scenes video from AMC below. "He broke the rules. He did not observe the spirit of the law and he has embarrassed her. And now, there's going to be a new set of rules."

"Mad Men" airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on AMC.

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