Mad Men

There are mad men in the house.

Stripped of power, backed into a corner, emasculated, mean. Mean and mad.

Dangerous mad.

Guns? Nazis? Euthanasia? Hey: you angry? Then express your anger like a civilized person, not a rake-wielding moron, foaming at the mouth, espousing quarter-baked beliefs of doom and death panels which have been injected into your malleable squash with all the subtlety of a turkey baster filled with cottage cheese shoved into a sheep's rectum.

A dispassionate observer might conclude that such a mentality is ultimately not worth the effort to rehabilitate; that the total immersion into the mob ideology as directed by its de facto leaders (who have more in common with the fascist/socialist dictators their opponents supposedly possess) renders such a person incapable of reason and devoid of sense, responding only to fight or flight, black and white, reward and punishment, good and evil.

Is this what the corporate masters who run the country really want?

It must be because this is what they've made. Like "ring-around-the-collar", a wholly contrived evil has found purchase in the psyches of impressionable Americans and the only action to be taken in response (certainly the only one they can possibly suggest) is an undying fealty to unchecked consumerism. Legions of consumo-zombies, mass victims of Stockholm Syndrome, are fighting not for their own rights but for their captors' profitability.

The potential of media to influence the American public has superseded even David Sarnof's vision of television as a responsibly wielded, publicly owned entity for cultural edification by going it one darker: it is a tool to drive, shape and coerce human behavior to ensure perpetual profit.

If these angry town hall disruptor/birther/swift boaters ever left the sanctity of their plasma screen TV's blaring Fox's vomitous vituperations, and dared venture across the pirate filled oceans or flew in certain-to-crash-or-be-hijacked planes to those lesser, cowardly, backward countries in Europe, Asia or Africa, maybe -- just maybe -- they would be beyond the range of the persistent signals sent to their pummeled brains and they would begin to experience true independent thought.

The insurgency of angry anti-government groups is misplaced patriotism on steroids, and with all the attendant side effects. This is mass 'roid rage, ugly and insane.

And almost as pitiful as the mad men who accept their masters' commands are the masters themselves, who promise fictional fruits from an unrestrained free market fantasy. Imagine if their unquenchable greed were unquenchable mercy? Their unlimited avarice unlimited charity? Their runaway cynicism runaway hope? What world would we have then, what unimaginable profits would be reaped? More than any the shriveled souls who preach such dangerous division could ever imagine.

So what to do?

Gird for a fight? Run, hide and wait for them to implode? Pull up stakes and search for a better place, a better way? History has been a passive witness to mad men and mad ideas before, both of which inevitably found their ends in a landscape charred and wasted by fear and zealotry.

Extremism ends as it begins. That's something to be mad about.