Rachel Maddow's Harrowing Description Of Botched Arizona Execution

Rachel Maddow gave a chilling account of the botched execution that took place in Arizona Wednesday night.

Maddow described the disturbing death of Joseph Wood, the inmate whose execution went horribly wrong on Wednesday after the state used the same drugs that caused the faulty executions of death row inmates in both Oklahoma and Ohio earlier this year.

Reports said that Wood "gasped for air 660 times" after the drugs were administered. Maddow called the experimentation of such dangerous drugs, "chaos."

"He gasped and made noises and stayed alive for nearly two hours," she said. "It went on and on and on. Not for 23 minutes, not for 43 minutes. Tonight, it went on and on and on for nearly two hours."

Watch the video for the full clip from MSNBC.