Maddow At CPAC 2010 Conference (VIDEO)

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow entered the lion's den when she stopped by the 2010 CPAC conference and roamed around with her video camera. She looked to be having a fun time and most of the conference attendees seemed either slyly delighted to see her (she gave her autograph to one enthusiastic man, signing his copy of a Townhall pamphlet with Sarah Palin on the cover) or remained perfectly civil.

She stopped by the booth selling t-shirts with Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann on them that said "stomp out the liberal media." Maddow lamented that she didn't get a shirt while noting that the creators had chosen "super cute" photos of her fellow MSNBC hosts.

The swag one gets at these conferences is one of the main reasons to go, Maddow said, as she held up a massive poster of Sarah Palin.